Mar 17, 2023

Feb 24, 2023

Smart School 6.4 nulled

Smart School 6.4 nulled

Smart School 6.4 nulled

General Changes 

  • During form submit loader image added
  • In Online Exam, Upcoming Exam and Closed Exam tab added in both admin and student panel
  • Question import count show after successful question csv import
  • Added Student's name in Online Exam Result and Online Exam Report
  • Added fee note in the fee receipt print
  • Required field for section removed from Reports > Finance > Balance Fees Report
  • In Homework, Upcoming Homework and Closed Homework tab added in both admin and student panel
  • In student panel homework default status changed
  • From language list page now you can edit country code for changing country flag
  • General Settings page design updated with tabs
  • Whole language translation updated, now keys created according to whole label string (instead of word concatenation).
  • RTL mode removed from General Settings and can be manage from language list page
  • Student profile page design improved
  • Front office admission enquiry class filter added
  • 404 page now load with header footer
  • Reports > Fees Collection Report, Select Criteria Class and Section added
  • Separate Notification Setting for to send staff login credential and student login credential added.
  • Student Attendance Type Report, Count column added
  • Separated student and parent credential report

Feature Enhancement

  • Added support for Multi Branch addon
  • Added support for Behaviour Records addon
  • Added support for Two Factor Authentication addon
  • Added support for CBSE Examination addon
  • Whole new improved Download Center module to work as Document Management System
  • Transportation module updated and added Transportation Fees mechanism
  • Added Student Dashboard page
  • Added Average Passing examination pattern
  • Added Amount Format
  • Added Multi Currency option to enable multiple currencies at same time
  • Added Amazon AWS SES support for enterprise grade email delivery
  • Added Maintenance Mode
  • Added 7 new payment gateways - 2Checkout, Payhere, Mollie, Skrill, Cashfree, Payfast, ToyyibPay
  • Added Offline Bank Payment option in Student Panel
  • Added smseg SMS gateway
  • Added Croatian language
  • Added whole new Mega Menu as Quick Link to show all admin menu items at once
  • Added in Communicate module Custom Email/SMS Template, Scheduling of Email/SMS and Scheduled Email/SMS Log
  • Added in Examination module send result exam marksheet pdf file through email, download exam marksheet pdf file in bulk
  • Added in Examination module marks division master
  • If student not pay fees then automatically disable student panel all options except fees submission page
  • Added option to control Superadmin visibility
  • Now Pass Out students can also login in student panel and check their old academic data
  • Added Staff Biometric Attendance through Smart School Biometric Attendance App
  • Added fully auto attendance submission for present and absent student through Smart School Biometric Attendance App
  • Alternate username option for student/parent login. Student can login using admission number, mobile, email and parent can login using email, mobile.
  • In frontsite Exam Result page added so student can view their result directly using roll no or admission no
  • Added option to enable only student or parent panel
  • Assign fees during student admission or by edit student
  • Added barcode (based on admission number) in student id card and profile
  • Added barcode (based on staff id number) in staff id card and profile
  • Added option for number of words restriction in descriptive type question in online exam
  • Added percentage wise fee discount in Fees Collection
  • Added to print fees receipt/challan upto 3 copies (Office, Student, Bank) in a single page
  • Added Online admission fees collection report
  • Added remark in Balance Fees Report
  • Added Daily Assignment Report
  • Added Homework Report
  • Added marks assessment option in Homework/Assignment
  • Added Daily Assignments under Homework
  • Added file remove option in Staff/Student ID Card and Design Marksheet edit page
  • Added Discussion Forum at Lesson Plan page
  • Added notification recipient checkbox at Notification Setting page
  • Added dedicated page to post YouTube video tutorial links
  • Added, edit option in salary generation page so partial salary can pay
  • Added option to enable/disable fees collection in back date
  • Added Calendar Event Reminder based on cron jobs
  • Added Student Apply Leave notification email
  • Added Staff Apply Leave notification email
  • Added to print online exam question paper taking offline exam
  • Added option to generate quick timetable
  • Added multiple fees group selection in Search Due Fees
  • Added filter in online examinations question bank
  • Added attendance tab in student profile page to see yearly attendance
  • Added "Meeting With" in Visitor Book, it also visible in student/staff panel
  • Added option to upload Admission Application Form pdf file which can be download from front site Online Admission form page
  • Added attachment option in Notice Board
  • Added dynamic sidebar in admin panel for better control over views
  • Added option so now student can also add note in his own timeline
  • Added option to upload login page background image and updated whole login page design
  • Added many performance related improvements

Bugs Fixed

  • Media manager data showing issue
  • Datatable issue fixed from admission report, student details, homework list
  • Search using reference number issue in online admission list
  • Student profile report page list display issue
  • In Question Bank, teacher to see only their created question option issue
  • In multi class feature student login and select class issue
  • Fee Submission notification template bug
  • Edit Lesson Plan Topic issue
  • Exam Rank Report father name is disabled but in table header label is showing issue
  • Language RTL Mode issues
  • Online exam quiz check uncheck issue in list view
  • Payu payment gateway cancel url issue and language issue on online admission payment
  • PayPal payment issue on student fees and online admission student fees
  • Front site banner image overlap issue
  • Search Income page Search Type period range filter issue
  • In fees collection receipt student full name not showing
  • In sidebar Online Admission Setting menu active issue
  • Class Timetable not showing in ascending order by time
  • Exams Rank Report absent student rank issue
  • Online Examinations, math editor data not showing proper in result page and view question modal
  • If front cms disabled then frontsite Online Admission Check Your Form Status working issue.
  • Student Information, Student Details search issue in safari browser
  • Online Admission setting, Instructions and Terms & Conditions save issue if Online Admission Payment Option disabled
  • Class Timetable, add Timetable roles and permissions missing.
  • In Fees Collection Report, last session student pending fees search issue
  • Media manager mp4 and pdf file uploading issue
  • When Front CMS is disabled, redirect to the login page issue
  • Africas Talking sms gateway short code required issue
  • In Add Exam, teacher restricted mode issue
  • Examination print marksheet consolidate marks calculation issue
  • Search due fees, removed 0.00 balance fees student from list
  • Session destroy in chrome browser when make payment with CCavenue, Jazzcash, Payu payment gateway
  • Student profile sibling student default image not showing if in database column value is null
  • Student profile Admission Date format issue
  • Reset password page favicon image update issue
  • Admit card subject order issue
  • Staff profile attendance tab design issue
  • Auto backup using cron backup file version issue
  • Student panel notification issue
  • Student panel > Online Exam descriptive question attachment issue
  • Human Resource Report, Staff Report, Search Type (By Date Of Joining) issue
  • Hostel report hostel name missing issue
  • Student Information > Student Details after search sorting by date of birth issue
  • Fixed many design issues
  • Fixed many RTL mode issues

Feb 21, 2022

Geo POS Nulled 7.1 Point of Sale, Billing and Stock Manager Application [Free Download]

 Geo POS Nulled is a beautifully crafted Point Of Sale application. The application is packed with a ton of features like Point Of Sale, Invoicing, Quotations, Purchase Orders, Inventory Management, Customer Management, Supplier management and more. Geo POS Nulled is the perfect companion for your business needs and it has earned the title of the best Point Of Sale and Invoice application in this market.

Point Of Sale, Invoicing, Quotations, Purchase Orders, Inventory Management, Customer Management, Supplier management, Project Management, Accounts, Data & Reports, REST API, CRON JOBS, Employee Management with distinct user roles. It has options for all types of tax, like Exclusive, Inclusive and GST.

Ecommerce Website Download

Geo POS PHP Script Nulled Features

  • Beautifully Designed Point Of Sale
  • Support for Online Payment
  • POS Registers for each employee
  • POS Registers Log
  • QR Code Due Invoices
  • A Well Designed Subscription Management Module
  • Support for Online Payment
  • Create Multiple Store Under One Brand
  • Assign Store to an employee
  • Custom tax rates per products
  • Select TAX Type for invoices
  • Delivery Note
  • Preforma Invoice
  • Custom discount rates per products
  • Integrated Stock Manager
  • Get online payment with unique invoice link
  • Decent Invoice Printing template
  • Send Quotes with proposal as Email
  • Convert quotes to invoices
  • Send Purchase receipt with your stock requirement to supplier
  • Integrated to Inventory Manager
  • Track Stock worth category wise
  • Product Serials
  • Manage Product Ware Houses
  • Manage products with live stock status
  • Auto Email Alert for low stock
  • Product varriations – like color size
  • Customer Wallet and online recharge
  • Get Record of Invoices with specific customer
  • Income & Expenses by customer
  • Get Record Purchase orders
  • Payment record to supplier
  • Payment for invoice will reflected
  • Sales & Purchase is integrated to accounts
  • All Payment activities record
  • Make Custom transactions
  • Company Statistics
  • Accounts Statements
  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Sales & Purchase TAX Statement
  • Customer can create tickets in his login
  • Employee can reply and solve problem
  • Employee Payroll
  • Employee Attandance, Holidays
  • Employee Salary
  • Employee Salary History & Increment
  • Twilio and SMS Service Intigration
  • reCaptcha
  • Short invoice URL in SMS
  • Notes
  • Documents
  • REST API : Connect with other applications
  • Employee Management
  • Preloaded Multiple Payments Gateways
  • TAX Statements
  • Editable Email Templates
  • Export & Data backup

Feb 7, 2022

Ekattor School Management System PHP Script v7.3 Nulled

 Ekattor School Management System PHP Script is the most comprehensive and adaptable school management system available on the Envato market. It is a school echo system that integrates instructors, students, parents, and other school personnel into a single automation software. This comprehensive bundle includes an advanced backend ERP, a frontend school website, and an iOS and Android mobile app.

Download income and expense management

Who is Ekattor for?

Ekattor ERP can be used by any educational institution. For example, school, college, and university. You can also keep an eye on and regulate the branch school administration. Ekattor is useful for those in positions of power, such as administrators, teachers, students, parents, accountants, and librarians.


Students’ attendance can be taken by the superadmin, administrator, or teacher in order to track academic achievement. Attendance can be viewed by students and parents via their panel.

Class routine

The class routine aids in the completion of normal academic activities. The class routines for various classes are created by the superadmin and admin. Students and parents are able to see class routines.


Jan 9, 2022

Multi Branch School Management System

Multi Branch School Management System

File Name: Multibranch File Size: 55MB

Oct 5, 2021

Smart Hospital System version 4 nulled

Smart Hospital System version 4 nulled

 Smart Hospital System version 4 nulled

General Changes

  • Operations moved OPD and IPD
  • General Setting page design
  • Email Setting updated
  • Backup file name with current version
  • Multiple specialist selection in staff
  • Patient Discharge date is now selectable
  • If ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY is enabled then alert message will show at dashboard
  • Patient death record directly comes from IPD/OPD discharge and patient will be deactivate and mark as dead
  • At add patient form two field TPA ID and TPA Validity added
  • Patient can upload documents in their timeline

Features Enhancement

  • Added separate Billing module
  • Added whole new Hospital Charges with Unit module
  • Added Referral Commission module
  • Added Appointment with doctor time slot module
  • Added Patient Queue System
  • Added Certificate and ID Card module
  • Added Chat module
  • Added Blood Component and improved whole Blood Bank module
  • Added Captcha
  • Added Findings in prescription
  • Added Overview and Medication in OPD
  • Added Overview, Nurse Notes, Bed History and Treatment History in IPD
  • Added Nurse Notes
  • Added Custom Fields in more than 20 forms
  • Added multiple test add in single bill in Pathology
  • Added multiple test add in single bill in Radiology
  • Added Patient Dashboard
  • Added convert Prescription to Pharmacy, Pathology and Radiology bill
  • Added 4 new SMS gateway Bulk SMS, Mobireach, Nexmo and Africas Talking
  • Added 6 new payment gateways CCAvenue, Flutter Wave, JazzCash, Billplz, SSLCommerz and Walkingm
  • Added 4 new languages
  • Added Prefix for bill and other numbers
  • Added Nurse role as system role
  • Added System Notification editable templates
  • Added Audit Trail
  • Added Patient History
  • Improved whole Pharmacy Billing
  • Improved whole Language Translation module with single string translation
  • Added 7 new reports with many filters in existing reports
  • Added Discount in percentage in bills
  • Added RTL select for any language
  • Added AJAX based datatable for performance improvement
  • Added Tax based on tax category
  • Added Mark Bed as Unused
  • Added Bed Group color
  • Added DLT template support for Indian SMS gateways

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Consultant Instruction new line text show
  • Fixed can see another profile permission issue
  • Fixed logo/images caching issue
  • Fixed Doctor role permission issue
  • Fixed medicine expiry report issue
  • Fixed staff profile attendance show issue
  • Fixed mailer library issue
  • Fixed OPD payment delete issue
  • Fixed Razorpay payment gateway issue
  • Fixed Expense List showing only last 20 records issue
  • Fixed Pathology test report/parameter edit permission issue
  • Fixed Login pages favicon issues
  • Fixed many design issues
  • Fixed many responsive design issues