Mar 13, 2021

Active ECommerce CMS V4.1 Addons

Active ECommerce CMS V4.1 Addons

 There are several steps to upload a product. Follow the instructions below,

a. Click on ‘ ’products’’ from the admin side.

b. Then “add new Products” button.

c. Product information - Need to fulfill the required field with proper data one by one.

i. General

1. Insert a product name.

2. Select a category from the dropdown list

3. Select a sub category.

4. Select a sub sub category.

5. Select a brand.

6. Insert the product unit like pc, kg, ltr etc.

7. Insert the product’ s Minimum quantity

8. Input single/multiple words for product tag and press enter.

9. Barcode

ii. Images

1. Main images - Preferable size 700 x 700.

2. Thumbnail images - Preferable size 350 x 350

iii. Video

1. Select one option from youtube, vimeo, dailymotion.

2. Insert video link.

iv . Product Variation

1. You can select multiple colors.

2. Choose the attributes of this product and then input values of each


v . Product price + stock

-Insert base price of the product.

-Insert the purchase price of the product.

-Add product tax. Select “Flat” or “Percent” from the right option and insert the

value in the left box.

-Discount - Add product discount(if available). Select “Flat” or “Percent” from the

right option and insert the value in the left box.

-Variant wise price - If the options are added at the “customer choice” tab then

this section will appear . Input the variant wise price.

-Click on save.

vi. Product Description

Write the description of the product. You can add any image or video in this

description box.

vii. Product Shipping Cost

Add shipping cost on the field.

viii. PDF Specification

Pdf upload option(if available).

ix. SEO Meta  T ags- This section for social media sharing.

1. Meta title - Write a title which will appear on a shared link.

2. Description - Write a short description which will appear on a shared link.

3. Meta image - Upload a single image for shared link.

File Name: Multiple Addon File Size: 2MB
Active eCommerce CMS v4.1 (Nulled)

Active eCommerce CMS v4.1 (Nulled)


Active eCommerce CMS v4.1 (Nulled)

File Name: File Size: 147MB

Feb 21, 2021

Smart School Zoom Live Class 3.0 Nulled

Smart School Zoom Live Class new version 3.0 has been released

Features -

  • Add live classes from admin panel for any teachers
  • Teacher can also add live classes as per their teacher timetable
  • Student can join live class from student panel or mobile app
  • Student and Parent will get notification for live class
  • Admin and teacher check live class join report
  • Staff can create live meetings
  • Other staff members can join meetings
  • Admin can check live meeting join report
  • You can use free or paid both zoom accounts
  • Zoom Live Class supports Smart School android app

Requirements -

  • Smart School pre installed on your server
  • Zoom account api key. Sign Up here to get Zoom account api key
Contact me to buy addon in $30

Feb 14, 2021

Vehicle Parking Management System in PHP With Source Code

Vehicle Parking Management System in PHP With Source Code


Vehicle Parking Management System in PHP With Source Code

Vehicle Parking Management System is a nice web-based application that is developed in the Php platform. For developing a code, this PHP project will also provide tutorial and basic guidelines for the user. Moreover, the user can Download zip and edit as per their need as this project is open-source. The main aim of this project is to help users to manage vehicles i.e. parking the vehicles. Instead, the admin handles all these works.

Basically, this is an easy and fundamental level mini project for learning purposes. Besides, the user can also modify this scheme according to their requirements. For the backend of the system, the SQL server is used so that it will be easy to retrieve later.

The system is basically for the users which helps for managing the vehicles i.e. parking. Moreover, the project provides the admin dashboard. The admin or the user of the system must log in into the system first, then after that, they can perform various operations. Besides, admin can manage vehicles where they can add the number of vehicles that are added in the parking area.  Similarly, they can provide all the details of the vehicles such as Vehicle Company, Registration number, Owner Name, Contact no in the system. Also, they can manage vehicles, add and search for the vehicles as well. Instead, they can also print the vehicles list with the details and view the details where they can leave remarks and also can update the status. The admin can also make the between date reports of the vehicles and search for the vehicle by the parking number.

However, for doing all these tasks they must be logged into the system. All these activities store with the creation of the database vpmsdb in the project and import the SQL file in the database. Admin can also log out from the system. Users can also download and look at other PHP projects as well.


  • Login for the users which are basically admin.
  • They can add the vehicle details in the system.
  • Admin can also add search vehicle details by the parking number in the system.
  • Besides, the admin can also view and update all the vehicle details.

Framework Used:

PHP MySQL Dreamweaver, WampXXAMP (Any local server)

Admin/User Description:

Username: admin

Password: Test@123

File Name: Vehicle Parking Management System in PHP File Size: 1MB

Feb 12, 2021

Smart School version 6.2 nulled

Smart School version 6.2 nulled

General Changes

  • Removed validation from Roll no for student 
  • Added Language validation
  • Updated CCAvenue payment gateway to latest version
  • Set default class in user panel 
  • Added guardian related fields in System Fields 

Features Enhancement

  • Added 5 new payment gateways Pesapal, Flutter Wave, iPay Africa, JazzCash, Billplz
  • Added 2 new SMS gateways Bulk SMS integration, MobiReach SMS gateway
  • Added 2 new languages Kurdish, Lao
  • Added middle name as system field for student
  • Added create Staff ID card
  • Added Start Day of Week
  • Added Setting for allowed files extension
  • Added Captcha verification
  • Added Delete Language
  • Added Delete Lesson Plan
  • Added Time table sorting through from date
  • Added email validation in Online Admission
  • Added select all in Bulk Student Delete
  • Added new Question type Multi choice, True False and Descriptive in Online Examination
  • Added Quiz option in Online Examination
  • Added notification for Online exam
  • Added rank in Online Examination result
  • Added create class/section wise question in Online Examination
  • Added editor for Maths and Science question in Online Examination
  • Added "show me only my question" option in Online exam

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed homework assignment upload issue in user panel
  • Fixed lesson plan for older session
  • Fixed fine issue in multiple fees collection
  • Fixed datatable issue audit trial
  • Fixed PayTm payment gateway issue
  • Fixed timetable repeat issue in user panel
  • Fixed syllabus status issue in user panel
  • Fixed assign student in online examinations
  • Fixed date issue by removing daterange picker 

Feb 5, 2021

Stock Management System in PHP with free Source code

 Stock Management System in PHP with free Source code

Inventory management software is a software system for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries.[1] It can also be used in the manufacturing industry to create a work order, bill of materials and other production-related documents. Companies use inventory management software to avoid product overstock and outages. It is a tool for organizing inventory data that before was generally stored in hard-copy form or in spreadsheets.

File Name: Stock v2 File Size: 28MB
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