Jan 28, 2019

Stock Management System in PHP

Project Name: Stock Management System in PHP

Programming Language: PHP
Style : Bootstrap
Database: MySQLi
Other Technologies : JQuery, Ajax etc
User name : admin
Password : password
This module has 6 sections -
  1. Issue Item
  2. Add Item Stock
  3. Add Item
  4. Item Category
  5. Item Store
  6. Item Supplier

How to install Stock Management System

  1. First of all download the zip file from the below download button.
  2. Install the Xaamp/Wampp into your PC.
  3. After installing the softwere your PC/Laptop are now Localserver.
  4. Now unzip the downloaded file to C/xaamp/htdoc (in case of xaamp) and C/wampp/www (in Case of Wampp
  5. Now open your browser and go to localhost/phpmyadmin and create a new database.
  6. Now go to localhost/stock in browser and login.
  7. enjoy.

File Name: Stock V2 File Size: 28MB
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  1. the download button redirects to other site

  2. Hi, this is more of a question, how do i connect my website with admin panel such that any data a user sends i can see it in my panel?

  3. This link not working properly

  4. this project is broken the login file redirect to 404 page

  5. Database sql file not found, don't waste of time anyone