May 14, 2020

PHP 5 Power Programming

PHP 5 Power Programming

Soon after, the demand for more common object-oriented features increased
immensely, and Andi came up with the idea of rewriting the objected-oriented
part of the Zend Engine. Zeev and Andi wrote the “Zend Engine II: Feature
Overview and Design” document6
 and jumpstarted heated discussions about
PHP’s future. Although the basic language has stayed the same, many fea￾tures were added, dropped, and changed by the time PHP 5 matured. For
example, namespaces and multiple inheritance, which were mentioned in the
original document, never made it into PHP 5. Multiple inheritance was
dropped in favor of interfaces, and namespaces were dropped completely. You
can find a full list of new features in Chapter, “What Is New in PHP 5?”
PHP 5 is expected to maintain and even increase PHP’s leadership in
the web development market. Not only does it revolutionizes PHP’s object￾oriented support but it also contains many new features which make it the
ultimate web development platform. The rewritten XML functionality in
PHP 5 puts it on par with other web technologies in some areas and over￾takes them in others, especially due to the new SimpleXML extension which
makes it ridiculously easy to manipulate XML documents. In addition, the
new SOAP, MySQLi, and variety of other extensions are significant mile￾stones in PHP’s support for additional technologies.

This book is an introduction to the advanced features new to PHP 5. It is writ￾ten for PHP programmers who are making the move to PHP 5. Although
Chapter 2, “PHP 5 Basic Language,” contains an introduction to PHP 5 syn￾tax, it is meant as a refresher for PHP programmers and not as a tutorial for
new programmers. However, web developers with experience programming
other high-level languages may indeed find that this tutorial is all they need
in order to begin working effectively with PHP 5.
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