Oct 5, 2021

Smart Hospital System version 4 nulled

 Smart Hospital System version 4 nulled

General Changes

  • Operations moved OPD and IPD
  • General Setting page design
  • Email Setting updated
  • Backup file name with current version
  • Multiple specialist selection in staff
  • Patient Discharge date is now selectable
  • If ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY is enabled then alert message will show at dashboard
  • Patient death record directly comes from IPD/OPD discharge and patient will be deactivate and mark as dead
  • At add patient form two field TPA ID and TPA Validity added
  • Patient can upload documents in their timeline

Features Enhancement

  • Added separate Billing module
  • Added whole new Hospital Charges with Unit module
  • Added Referral Commission module
  • Added Appointment with doctor time slot module
  • Added Patient Queue System
  • Added Certificate and ID Card module
  • Added Chat module
  • Added Blood Component and improved whole Blood Bank module
  • Added Captcha
  • Added Findings in prescription
  • Added Overview and Medication in OPD
  • Added Overview, Nurse Notes, Bed History and Treatment History in IPD
  • Added Nurse Notes
  • Added Custom Fields in more than 20 forms
  • Added multiple test add in single bill in Pathology
  • Added multiple test add in single bill in Radiology
  • Added Patient Dashboard
  • Added convert Prescription to Pharmacy, Pathology and Radiology bill
  • Added 4 new SMS gateway Bulk SMS, Mobireach, Nexmo and Africas Talking
  • Added 6 new payment gateways CCAvenue, Flutter Wave, JazzCash, Billplz, SSLCommerz and Walkingm
  • Added 4 new languages
  • Added Prefix for bill and other numbers
  • Added Nurse role as system role
  • Added System Notification editable templates
  • Added Audit Trail
  • Added Patient History
  • Improved whole Pharmacy Billing
  • Improved whole Language Translation module with single string translation
  • Added 7 new reports with many filters in existing reports
  • Added Discount in percentage in bills
  • Added RTL select for any language
  • Added AJAX based datatable for performance improvement
  • Added Tax based on tax category
  • Added Mark Bed as Unused
  • Added Bed Group color
  • Added DLT template support for Indian SMS gateways

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Consultant Instruction new line text show
  • Fixed can see another profile permission issue
  • Fixed logo/images caching issue
  • Fixed Doctor role permission issue
  • Fixed medicine expiry report issue
  • Fixed staff profile attendance show issue
  • Fixed mailer library issue
  • Fixed OPD payment delete issue
  • Fixed Razorpay payment gateway issue
  • Fixed Expense List showing only last 20 records issue
  • Fixed Pathology test report/parameter edit permission issue
  • Fixed Login pages favicon issues
  • Fixed many design issues
  • Fixed many responsive design issues

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